Print Design 1

TBS - Poster and Billboard Designs

TNT - NBA Poster Designs

TNT - NBA All-Stars Poster and Magazine Ads

Supafuzz - CD Design and Posters

Hermano - 6 Panel CD design

Print Design 2

BoneCrusher - 6 Panel CD design

DaBrat - 6 Panel CD design

Infernal Machine - CD Design

Devil May Care - 3 Panel CD Design

Random Promotional Print Images

Print Design 3

Self Promotional

Self Promotional

Self Promotional

One3 Creative - Press kit

One3 Creative - Print Ads

Print Design 4

Advanced Armament -
Print Ads, Postcards and Stickers

Advanced Armament -
Catalog Page Layouts

Advanced Armament - Identity Package -
Letterhead, Envelope, Business Cards

Turner Studios - Identity Package

Website Graphics

B-Sides - Homepage Concepts

Pulse TV - Homepage Concepts

Collective Soul - Webpage Layouts

Illustrated Promotions

SoSoDef 12" Album Art
and A-Town Shoe Design

Rock Show Posters

Random Poster, Sticker and
Logo Illustrations

The Highlander - T-Shirt Designs

Self Promotional - Stickers